Simple Equipment and Economical
Overload Protection
Continuous Pushing Stop
Retaining Load
Simple Installation and Maintenance
Manual Operation
Capacity : 50kg ~ 100ton
Construction : Totally enclosed outdoor type
Insulation : Class B
Ambient Temperature : -15 °C ~ 50°C
Rating 30 minutes, 25% ED
Relative humidity below 85%
Brake : Current Response type
  Power Source : 220/380/440 V, 3 Ph , 60 Hz Painted Color :Munsell 7.5 BG 6/1.5
In case of dusty surroundings the type with bellows shall be recommended.
  When water, steam, oil and so forth fall on the cylinder, equip the cover to protect them
원형 담파, 루-버 담파, 슬라이드 담파등 여러가지 종류의 담파구동용으로 적용 가능하다.
게이트 밸브나 볼 밸브등 여러 가지 밸브 구동용에 적용 가능하다.
정밀한 위치 제어용으로 사용가능하다.
MS Series M Series
MS 100K ~ MS 300K
MS 500K~ MS 1T
M 100K ~ M 300K
M 500K ~ M 1T M 2T ~ M 4T
M 6T ~ M 8T M 10T ~ M 13T M 16T ~ M 20T
“M-PL”Series 구조도