※ The asterisks in the section of basic type indicate that the flame-proof type can be made.
※ The torque switch acts within the bounds of allowances noted in the section of overload torque.
Main circuit : 220V, 380V, 400V
  440V, 460V, AC 50/60Hz 3Ph
Torque switch : Usage for open direction : 2 contacts
  Usage for close direction : 2 contacts
Control circuit : 100V, 200V, AC50/60Hz 1Ph
  220V, AC60Hz 1Ph
Mechanical opening indicator : scale 0 ~ 90 Deg.
Insulation class E or B class
Torque : 10 ~3000 kgfm
Type : DMR-0105 ~ DMR - 30005
Limit switchs : Number of contacts : 4, 6 or 8 contacts
  When there is need of the opening transmitter, the limit switches of 8 contacts are able to fitted only to the types
   that are the DMR-8005 type and above.